Weekly Question: "Gotta Focus More On Others"

business education Jun 07, 2024

"I'm being told to focus on other people. Why is that so novel? I mean that's what I got into business for. I'm not in it for myself..." 


This was part of a recent conversation I had with someone. 

With a little probing back and forth, the other person started seeing how novel it truly was. 


You see, what typically happens when we say "focus on the other person", people tend to focus on themselves in relation to others. 

Meaning, I am the best at what I do. 
I do this. 
I do that. 
My business this. 
My business that. 

You get the point, right? 


How focused is it on the other person? 

It's really focused on you and your business, and what you do, and how you do it, and how your solution is the best solution since sliced bread. 

I, I, I... 
Me, Me, Me... 
My, My, My... 


Not you! 


Here's what it means to be entirely focused on the other person. 


How often do you think about your clients and how you can elevate their experience with you? 


How often do you wonder why they left their previous service provider? 


How often are you communicating and engaging with your customers beyond the scope of your professional engagement? 

How personal and connected are you getting with your customers beyond the scope of what your business or service provides? 


How much do you really care about the people you work with? 

The common objection we hear is that we need to separate our personal and professional lives. 

My response to that is that it sounds very much like cutting off an arm or a leg because its job is to chop wood or drive you to work. 

Our personal and professional lives are more intertwined than we like to believe. If we learned anything from the recent years, it's that people need to be connected. We are a tribal species. We need community. We thrive among like-minded people and connections. 

Get connected with your people!  

I'm curious about your thoughts... How are you building community around your business and brand? 


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