The Exceptionally Irresistible Show - Launch of Season 2 - Episode 0 - Introduction

business podcast Feb 12, 2024
Yermi Kurkus Consulting
The Exceptionally Irresistible Show - Launch of Season 2 - Episode 0 - Introduction

It's finally back! 

Season 2 of The Exceptionally Irresistible Show is back and better than ever. 

This season, we will be primarily focusing on individuals who demonstrate Exceptionally Irresistible attributes in their personal and professional lives. Or who are the people who teach lessons that we consider to be Exceptionally Irresistible? 

This will be an exciting new season for the show for the following reasons: 

We will get a chance to be introduced to some truly remarkable people. 

We will hear some truly inspiring stories and learn incredible lessons. 

We will have the opportunity to learn how others are living a truly Exceptional life and what about their life is so irresistible. 

But most importantly, we will have the opportunity to not only get inspired but to take note of how we too can live an Exceptionally Irresistible life. 

You see, we believe that everyone is born Exceptionally Irresistible - it just requires a little bit of work to uncover and unmask certain parts of our lives to show and bring forth our true qualities and positive attributes. The people we will introduce to you, have done the work - you can too. If there's anything you learn from their story, it should be to inspire you to take action in your own life. You too can live a remarkable life - just like all the other people in these episodes. 

Here's what you're encouraged to do: 

Grab a pen and journal - take notes, enjoy your favorite beverage, and relisten, reshare, and send us your feedback or "Aha" moments from each episode. 

Thanks for listening. 

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