The EI Show - S02E08 - Becoming Passionately Loyal with Shlomo Meisels

business podcast Apr 10, 2024
Yermi Kurkus Consulting
The EI Show - S02E08 - Becoming Passionately Loyal with Shlomo Meisels

How can I inspire my employees to be passionately loyal?


This question isn’t just for employers


This is a question that anyone in business today should (or at least would benefit from) ask themselves.




Because whether we lead a team, or we are a solo-entrepreneur, we depend on people doing business with us and working with us. In a world with access to just about anyone, the competition is tough. We are no longer in a time where just because you have a certain profession that’s why I’ll do business with you. We’re in a generation that seeks the relationship and experience of working with you.

In this episode, Shlomo discusses and shares with us some fascinating insights on how he works with employers and talent to find something they are passionate about and how to align our dreams, ambitions, desires, needs etc. We touched upon aligning the dreams together and working in unison to achieve a greater goal and vision.

This conversation was absolutely fascinating, 


Here, have a listen…


Show Recap:


1. What is your message that you share with the world?


Do things! Try things! Have something you work on that you enjoy


2. How did you discover this message?


I lived it and I it has only be reaffirmed throughout my career


3. What about this message is so near-and-dear to your heart?


I didn’t have someone out there to give me this message so I want to be a resource for others and give them the advise I wish I had


4. Who are the typical people this message resonates with?


People of all ages but especially people 18-30


5. Where do you draw your inspiration from?


The success and happiness the people I help feel



Shlomo Meisels Bio:


Shlomo Meisels is the founder of SM Staffing, a recruiting agency that services companies nationwide. Shlomo and his team prioritize making placements based on cultural fit in addition to skill level. This ensures a positive atmosphere and retention of happy employees long term. Shlomo also provides business development and career coaching to those who are serious about their growth. His hobbies include coaching his local basketball team, stand-up comedy, and taking on creative side hustles.



Feel welcome to connect with Shlomo through his Linkedin,  Website, or Email.




Hebrew words used in the episode


Yeshiva: Rabbinical College or Seminary

Shana Aleph: Year One

Lulav and Esrogim: Palm Branch and Citrus (used during the holiday of Sukkot)

Sukkos: Sukkot Holiday one of the Jewish High Holidays

Shana Bet: Year Two


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