The EI Show - S02E06 - Becoming ObjectionProof With Jeff West

business podcast Mar 21, 2024
Yermi Kurkus Consulting
The EI Show - S02E06 - Becoming ObjectionProof With Jeff West

What is the one thing most Salespeople struggle with?


It’s objection.


How do we overcome that objection? This is the discussion we just had with Jeff West.

It’s a fascinating discussion because Jeff shows us how overcoming objections is actually easier than it seems when we actually put the other person’s needs and interests first and when we’re entirely focused on delivering high levels of value and impact to the people we are serving.

Here, have a listen…


Show Recap:


1. What is your message that you share with the world?

Fusion Points™: Engage the Science of Persistence:


There is a science... an actual neurological process... that occurs in the brain with each and every decision we make. There are no exceptions. When we work with that science, instead of in opposition to it, we can influence how some very important decisions are made.


We can influence how a prospect decides to listen to our initial offer instead of saying no thanks.


We can influence how that prospect then makes the decision to become our customer and eventual walking ambassador.


We can influence how our salespeople and support staff make the decision to persist in their careers and stay with our company.


And in our personal pursuits, we can influence how we decide to become tenacious and persist.


2. How did you discover this message?

Through my research in trying to understand why salespeople make the decision to quit. It led me to the works of the neuroscientist, Dr. Antonio Damasio.


3. What about this message is so near-and-dear to your heart?

The turnover in commission sales positions is too high. But when organizations understand that it doesn't have to be that way, and then choose to act on this knowledge, the world changes for those sales professionals and their families.


4. Who are the typical people this message resonates with?

Anyone leading a team... especially in sales. Small business owners. Entrepreneurs. Sales Professionals.


5. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My faith, and my daughters.


Jeff West Bio:


For over 30 years, Jeff West coached and led sales teams in multiple industries and was among the top sales performers and leaders in the nation. For over twenty years, he was an entrepreneur in field sales management with a well known Fortune 500® insurance company.


Now a sought-after conference speaker, Jeff is the author, along with international bestselling author, Bob Burg, of the business/sales parable, Streetwise to Saleswise: Become ObjectionProof™ and Beat the Sales Blues. He is also the author and coauthor of two multi-award-winning sales parables, The Unexpected Tour Guide and Said the Lady with the Blue Hair (coauthored with Lisa Wilber).


Jeff has been on numerous national and international podcasts and has been a quoted source for publications such as Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, the National Federation of Independent Business, and Peak Sales Recruiting.


Whether onstage or during interviews, he combines hard-hitting, take-to-the-bank sales wisdom with a folksy humor that engages the audience as have few others.


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