The EI Show - S02E04 - Cultivating Your Inner Voice With Donn King

business podcast Mar 06, 2024
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The EI Show - S02E04 - Cultivating Your Inner Voice With Donn King

We all have it in us - our inner voice.


It comes from within and it's meant to be shared outward.


So many of us have surpassed this inner voice, for various reasons, however, in this episode, we will talk about the importance of discovering it and sharing it with the world.


Donn King is a college professor, author, podcast host, public speaker, and pastor. Donn is a communications expert and teaches students and individuals how to cultivate an inner confidence to share themselves, God’s gift to the world, with their surroundings. Donn strongly believes that we each have what it takes deep within us, we just need to nurture it and cultivate it so that the rest of the world can see and experience our greatness. Check out this episode to see how you too are Exceptionally Irresistible, all you need to do is cultivate and share.


Check out this episode!


Show Recap:


1. What is your message that you share with the world?

Everyone has a unique message. Figure yours out and share it effectively to make the world a better place.


2. How did you discover this message?

Working with leaders, professionals, and college students in helping them speak effectively. I realized it was never just about the information. What made them effective was bringing themselves to their messages.


3. What about this message is so near-and-dear to your heart?

So many people fail to see their value, their unique contribution. We are all poorer as a result.


4. Who are the typical people this message resonates with?

Typically, people who have spent a lifetime trying to conform, to fit in. Entrepreneurs who have learned about "unique selling propositions" begin to see a glimmer of this.


5. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Extensive reading, and conversations with people who have taken up the challenge of assessing their own values and bringing their lives into alignment.


Donn King Bio:


Donn is an associate professor of communication studies at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee, and a pastor in the United Methodist Church, as well as a speaker, writer, and communication coach. He works with professionals and leaders who want to speak confidently so they can increase their impact, gain influence, and build their careers.


He has spoken to audiences, churches, and radio audiences across the United States and written numerous newspaper, magazine, and blog articles. A long-time writer and author, his latest book is The Way of the Three-Year-Old Why, the first book in the Sparklight Chronicles.


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