The EI Show - S02E03 - Your God Given Gift With Trae Bohlen

business podcast Feb 28, 2024
Yermi Kurkus Consulting
The EI Show - S02E03 - Your God Given Gift With Trae Bohlen

Being authentically you is the greatest gift you can give the world.


It's the gift God gave you.


You are destined for success. You are already born exceptionally irresistible. How many times have we mentioned that already?


Trae Bohlen, a photographer, and social media expert is here to share with us some deep and wise insights on how you can use your God-given talents and gifts - in a truly authentic way - to succeed and get through any challenge you will ever face.


This is how we bring our deep Exceptionally Irresistible self out in the open.


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Show Recap:


1. What is your message that you share with the world?

Be who God created you to be.


2. How did you discover this message?

My personal journey.


3. What about this message is so near-and-dear to your heart?

When people are authentic who they are will resonate with their ideal client and audience and the marketing becomes very organic


4. Who are the typical people this message resonates with?

Coaches, faith based people, enterpranuers


5. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

God, the Bible, daily life


Trae Bohlen Bio:


Bees don’t waste time explaining to flies why honey is better than poo. I help you attract your bees!


I help you connect on a heart level. My friend Bob Berg says: People work with people they know, like and trust. And I love helping people to share who God created them.


Elevating your business and attracting your ideal clients; through personal brand coaching, high end videos, professional photos, informed copywriting, graphic design, and social media management.


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