S02E15 - Connecting “Them” and “You” with Yermi Kurkus - Recap 3

business podcast Jun 05, 2024
Yermi Kurkus Consulting
S02E15 - Connecting “Them” and “You” with Yermi Kurkus - Recap 3

Have you flown recently?


What was your last interaction with your car dealer?


In this episode, I share with you a realization I had when I contemplated these exact questions.

Spoiler alert: It’s sad…



There’s a silver lining to these sad realizations.

Sorry - only one spoiler alert per post.


Join us in this recap episode of The Exceptionally Irresistible Show and let’s talk about tapping into our inner legacy.

We are talking about what we can do today that will leave a lasting impact on those we come in contact with. It’s the response we give to our grandchild when they ask us “what we did with our lives”.


It’s the reputation we leave behind way beyond our physical time on earth. It is our little dent that we leave here.


So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show…



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