S02E13 - Leadership Starts From Within with Rasie Bamigbade

business podcast May 22, 2024
Yermi Kurkus Consulting
S02E13 - Leadership Starts From Within with Rasie Bamigbade

Just as we need to nourish our bodies and soul so that we can be healthy, the same is true in business.


We need to work on our inner-self-leadership so that we can show up as the best version and best leader in our organization.


This fact is true whether you are an organization of 1 or 1000 or hundreds of thousands. How you lead from within, is how you will show up to your team/s. Your teams will emulate you and your behavior. 


This is what we are exploring in this week’s episode.


Rasie is a Self-Leadership expert who specializes in looking within first - Rasie believes that when we are honest with ourselves and look ourselves in the mirror to constantly “check in” with ourselves and ask “How am I showing up?” that is when we develop and grow to the type of leader that most people want to be influenced by.


If you are a leader that people are inspired by, what do you think that will do to your business? To your reputation? To your legacy? 


If this peaks your curiosity, this episode is one you won’t want to miss. Come get inspired, hop on to the episode, and have a listen…


Show Recap:


1. What is your message that you share with the world?


Start with self leadership


2. How did you discover this message?


Through my observation of leaders in the corporate world and my reflection through the mirror.


3. What about this message is so near-and-dear to your heart?


It is the foundation for empowerment and motivation    for any leader to reach the best version of themselves and making the best choices.


4. Who are the typical people this message resonates with?


Corporate leaders, aspiring leaders and youth leaders


5. Where do you draw your inspiration from?


My personal story and my mentors



Rasie Bamigbade Bio:


Rasie is a leadership coach, book coach, speaker, and author of Amazon Bestsellers, “Lead In Your Truth” & “Heal On Your Terms.” She helps corporate leaders lead their teams more effectively through self leadership and support authors with their book construction process from idea to publishing.


She is giving back to our world through her Youth Mentorship Program; she is empowering and helping our youth take control of their lives by providing mentorship resources and access to reliable mentors.


Closing the opportunity gap in leadership is at the core of Rasie’s work. She does this through her successful coaching programs and youth mentorship programs.


Feel welcome to connect with Rasie through her ⁠⁠Linkedin⁠ ⁠and ⁠Instagram⁠, or by ⁠⁠Email⁠⁠.

You can check out her shows on ⁠⁠YouTube⁠⁠ and grab either one of her books, “⁠Lead In Your Truth⁠” and “⁠Heal On Your Terms⁠


All this and more can be explored on Rasie’s ⁠⁠Website⁠.⁠


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