Unlocking the key to genuine happiness holds the power to transform our lives in remarkable ways.

Gain lasting happiness without diving into toxic positivity.

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Invite true and deep inner happiness into your life with a practical 5-step exercise.



Learn how to visualize the ideal life that you are meant to live and hope to achieve.

With guided meditation and practical exercise to get you visualizing on your own.



See how 5-10 minutes a day can elevate your happiness as you take the steps to invite that happiness and remove the negativity from your daily life.


We can achieve extraordinary success, enjoy good health, and gain abundant wealth when we tap into our inner joy. 

Fascinating studies have left no room for doubt – when we prioritize and enhance our own happiness, or the happiness of our employees, our performance skyrockets, and our organizations flourishes.

The Work of Happiness workshop is designed so you can fill up your practical mindfulness toolbox with the essentials for long-lasting happiness.

It's time to unleash the incredible potential that lies within the realm of intrinsic happiness!

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What The Workshop Covers

  • Increase Internal Happiness
  • Unique Gratitude
  • Laws of Affirmation
  • Forgiveness Done Right
  • Accountability and Ownership
  • Inspiration vs Motivation
  • Practical Visualization
Here's What It Looks Like:

What does happiness look like to you?


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What do others have to say about happiness?

The Work of Happiness thing you taught me the other day … so powerful. 
I was having a really rough day this morning ... I asked myself what could I do now to be accountable and take responsibility for my attitude and mood. So I decided to start taking steps to be accountable ... Works like a charm.


You put a lot of effort into your programs and I've taken a lot from these last 11 days! You are an encouragement ... brilliant and edifying!


This program [Work of Happiness] works on gratitude, affirmation, forgiveness, accountability, and inspiration.
This program made a HUGE positive impact in my life. Especially in the area of visualization. It helped me to visualize my future life and to actually feel the experience.

-Gracie Ruth

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Your happiness starts with YOU!

So take control of your own happiness today!



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